Umpqua Hot Flash Minnow

Size: 2
Sale price$7.49


Bass, Stillwater, Trout
Shad, Shiner
02, 04, 06
06 Count Barbed, 06 Count Barbless

Signature tyer, Andy Burk, is a very well-respected fly tier. He constantly produces ingenious patterns that epitomize baitfish characteristics. With the Hot Flash Minnow he wanted to create a multi-purpose baitfish pattern with plenty of flash and authentic features. After getting his hands on some Angel Hair, the Hot Flash Minnow came about. Tied on a Tiemco 811S the realism represented in this pattern will quickly make it a favorite to keep in the box. The fly looks and acts like a live bait fish in the water, which is truly enticing to every saltwater game fish. 

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