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Mirrolure C36MR

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Poppa Mullet™ -
Dual Action Lure that calls them in.

It Pops! It Walks! MirrOlure’s NEW surface lure, the Poppa Mullet™, offers two very effective top water actions. First, Poppa Mullet™ achieves a walk-the-dog action with ease. Second, you can easily fish this lure with a popping action. Both are equally effective on gator Trout, huge Redfish and trophy Snook.

Tie on a Poppa Mullet™ and Turn On The Bite.

Model C36MR-11SB
Length 3-5/8", Weight 1/2 oz.
Available Colors: 11SB, 21, 808, BNSB, BSB, CHSB, HPSB, TROUT