Egret Vudu Shad

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From the makers of the Original Vudu Shrimp, Egret Baits announces the New Vudu Shad. Made from "TOUGH AS HELL" TPE, The serrated tail articulates, creating a life like swimming action and the boot tail adds lift and thump to the lure. The tail section is constructed with a durable mesh weave which gives it strength and durability.

  • VUDU SHAD 5 INCH SPECS: 3/4 OZ / HOOK 5.0 2X STRONG. More suited for close offshore and along the East coast Atlantic fishery.
  • VUDU SHAD 6 INCH SPECS: 1 OZ / HOOK 6.0 2X STRONG. Best for close offshore and offshore trolling along the Atlantic (Northeast to FL) and Gulf of Mexico fisheries.