D.O.A. 4" Airhead

Size: Pearl 330
Sale price$6.29


C.A.L. Swim Bait is the NEWEST and most versatile addition to the D.O.A. Lures tackle box. The five-inch long, wide profile body has a broad vertical paddle tail and offers great flash and vibration.

Freshwater Bass fishermen are going crazy over the Swim Bait! Rigged weedless with the 5/0 longneck worm hook, it can be fished through all cover. Add our pinch weight—it acts as a keel for added drop and stability.

Used in saltwater, this unique lure catches everything from shallow water Redfish to offshore Grouper. Also try the Swim Bait with our long shank jig heads, or add an attention-getting rattle—the rigging options are endless!”

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