Cablz 12" ZipZ Black

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We made the BEST…BETTER!  The product that started it all, just got better!  Why wear other eyewear retainers that hang on your neck, soak up sweat, get dirty, stinky and fray?  Cablz® are unique in the way that they do not lie on your neck, distract you or irritate your skin, and now they are ADJUSTABLE!

Adjustable Cablz Zipz are designed to be worn fully extended or “zipped” in for a closer, more secure fit.

•Stainless steel cable coated in black

•Available in lengths of 10″, 12″, 14″, 16″ & 18″

•XL End available only in 12″, 14″ & 16″ length models

•XS End (also known as Skinnyz) available only in 14″ length


•Adjustable for custom fit

•When “zipped” perfect under helmets, hoodies, etc.

•Stays off your neck

•Allows full range of motion

•Low profile




The 10″ length shortens to approx. 5″ when cinched, 12″ to 6″, 14″ 7″, 16″ to 8″, 18″ to 9″

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