13 Fishing Inception Sport Z Baitcast Reel

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For anglers who aren’t afraid to stand out from the crowd, the 13 Fishing Inception Sport Z Casting Reel combines eye-catching cosmetics with unmatched performance.  Packed with exclusive features that have never before been offered at this price point, the 13 Fishing Inception Sport Z Casting Reel is designed with second generation Japanese Hamai cut gearing and CZB spool bearing technology, which promotes exceptionally smooth, extended casting.

Emphasizing seamless operation throughout a variety of techniques, the 13 Fishing Inception Sport Z Casting Reel is highlighted by a 6-way centrifugal braking system and a beetle wing rapid access system that allows anglers to adjust brakes on the fly. The Arrowhead line guide also works to increase the fluidity of line release, while a micro click cast control gives anglers the ability to make fine adjustments and accommodate a wide range of bait sizes and weights.

Promising exceptional strength and durability, the 13 Fishing Inception Z Casting Reel packs an impressive 18lbs of max drag, and comes equipped with Ocean Armor 2 Saltwater protection for extended corrosion resistance. Trickshop compatible, so anglers can create a custom look, the 13 Fishing Inception Sport Z Casting Reel blends attention-grabbing cosmetics with a laundry list of exclusive technologies to create a reel that performs as well as it looks.

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