13 Fishing Concept Z3 Baitcast Reel

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he future of fishing is here! Powered by 13 Fishing’s new Concept Zero Bearings, the 13 Fishing Concept “Z3” Casting Reelutilizes a space age material in place of traditional ball bearings to eliminate performance loss due to debris, corrosion, and noise. Housed in a lightweight HD aluminum frame with Airfoil carbon palm side plate, the 13 Fishing Concept “Z3” Casting Reel’s revolutionary Concept Zero bearing technology works hand in hand new H.A.M. gearing to ensure silky smooth, high performance casting.

Backed by a collection of premium materials, the 13 Fishing Concept “Z3” Casting Reel is powered by Japanese Hamai cut gearing, 6-way centrifugal breaking, and 13’s exclusive Arrowhead line guide system, which work in perfect harmony to ensure seamless operation. Allowing anglers to optimize performance with a range of techniques, the 13 Fishing Concept “Z3” Casting Reel features a Beetle Wing rapid access side plate and a dead stop anti-reverse system that promises unparalleled efficiency while fishing.

Built to handle everything from corrosive saltwater to big fish, the 13 Fishing Concept “Z3” Casting Reel boasts a rugged Ocean Armor 2 saltwater protection process and a whopping 30+lbs of maximum drag. Fitted with an EVA XL tech knob for extend comfort, and Trick Shop compatible for easy customization, the 13 Fishing Concept “Z3” Casting Reel ushers in a new generation of performance thanks to 13 Fishing’s innovative Concept Zero Bearings and unwavering commitment to advanced design.


-Zero Ball Bearings
-CZB - Concept Zero Bearing Technology
-Ocean Armor 2 saltwater protection process
-HD aluminum frame
-30+lb maximum drag
-New H.A.M. gearing system
-EVA XL tech knobs
-Trick Shop compatible
-6-Way centrifugal braking system
-Arrowhead line guide system
-Beetle wing rapid access side plate
-Dead stop anti-reverse system
-Japanese hamai cut gearing
-Airfoil carbon palm side plate


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